Yesterday I had the honour of being invited to London, to an awards ceremony as a finalist in my other role as holistic therapist.  Whilst sadly I didn’t win, it was lovely to meet so many like minded people, and they assured us the standard was so high, we should all feel very proud….(so for a brief moment I shall 😉 )

What struck me was the absolute reliance on technology.  On the coach I was sat in an area that contained a young couple, a retired lady, a single gent of about 60, a middle aged gent and a lady in her early 30’s.  As I looked around I realised we all held a very similar pose, phones clasped firmly in one hand, the only exception being the retired lady who was playing word games on her kindle.

The phones were constantly checked, texts came in, texts went out….and whilst I was as guilty as my travelling companions it did strike me as a little tragic. We have come to totally rely on these devices.

The single gent happily checked out his dating profile not worried about whether we could see, which made me smile, and I really hope he finds that special someone.  

I used my phone for texts, maps, news, and information, and the single guy in his 40’s was able to alert us to the fact that Hammersmith bus station was closed before the announcement was made over the tannoy.

On the return journey, which had seen me use 2 of my 4 battery packs I had taken (knowing my phone wouldn’t last) the scene was pretty much the same, everywhere I looked there was a sea of technology.

This time it was me that spotted a closure on the M5 before the driver alerted us to the diversion

Whilst I found it of comfort to be able to keep in touch with home, check the weather, watch the road conditions, it did start me wondering about our reliance on technology…

Is there anyway back?

How much deeper will the rabbit hole go?

Is this truly 1984?


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