The Literary Lair

When you spend a lot of time working from home, it is really important to set up a workspace that you love to be in.

In this house, we have the Literary Lair.

My magical space where I feel free to create and dream, weave stories, breathe life into characters and generally be a writer.

My lair is part practical, part whimsical, as this really helps the brain get those creative juices flowing.

Yesterday I snuck off to the big smoke of Exeter and, in amongst the vital Christmas shopping managed to sneak some really lovely things to further liven the lair.

As you can see from the picture, I found these really cute bottles, and just had to have them.  Paperchase had some beautiful journals and to lists, and a stunning little wooden desk tidy made its way into my basket at some point too.

Have what inspires you in your workspace.

Under and next to my bed there are three dog beds, and if the author is in residence so are the 5 chihuahuas that hate to leave my side….sometimes spread out, sometimes all in one bed….strange dogs!

Behind me is a spare chair, for visitors and the like, and normally contains a jack russell x chihuahua who is frankly quite above sleeping with the rabble.

Over to the side are my fish, perfect to watch when my brain needs a rest.

The remainder of the lair is cluttered with other bits that make me happy, my radio (tuned to radio 2), my kettle, the ideas board, and of course copies of my books.

Space does not have to be premium, my little literary lair is also the porch of my humble abode, but it works for me.  With the door shut I am in my own world, or rather the worlds I have created for my characters to gamble around in.

If you can find yourself a small corner then I really do advise you try it.  A little place of your own where dreams are made.

I must return to the pages of my next book, but for anyone who maybe interested in my work, my website is, and my latest book is here…

Have a great day creating!


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