New from the Literary Lair….

So, I have a plan for the remainder of 2015 and into the New Year!

As I hope you have all heard, The Spirit of Christmas Past has been released and the initial feedback is amazing – thank you all so much!

The Holistic Alchemist presents Guided Meditations was released this week, and contains a series of guided meditation scripts to help you all with your daily practice:

Here in the Literary Lair my poor keyboard is being overworked and underpaid to get more brilliant stories out to you all.

I will be continuing ‘The Sprit of…’ series, book number three will be ‘The Spirit of the Alchemist’ and will hopefully be with you in the not too distant future.

In the mean time there will be some ‘Spirit of…’ shorts!  These mini stories will be available primary at the Kindle store for just 99p, but for those of you that love your books, just £2.99 from Amazon.

In 2016 I would be introducing you all to an amateur detective team, Maddie and Morgan in their ‘Finding…’ series.  Maddie loves the thrill of the chase and spends her time on the road on the quest for truth, whilst Morgan remains in their attic office as technical support….stay tuned for more details!

The Holistic Alchemist presents…series is set to continue and currently, in a dark dusty corner of my brain a seed is developing about just why we are here….

Finally – as if that isn’t enough, Beyond Diamond Mine will be progressed – and hopefully published….

All in all I have a very exciting year planned, and simply cannot wait to get more books out to you all!



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