On tour!! – Day 1

This week I will be a guest blogger on 5 total amazing blogs (one can only hope to be so good!)

Today you can find me and Books and Banter – http://locglin.blogspot.co.uk

and I would like to thank them for hosting me!

Do pop over and have a read of the full post – AND be in for a chance to win a copy of  The Spirit of Seven!

An excerpt from the blog is below!


Overcoming adversity
One thing people will notice about my books is that my leading ladies are often having to overcome some serious adversity before they can be happy.  Trust me – I am not just being mean to them!
Over the last 8 years my life has changed beyond recognition, this has been largely due to chronic illness.  Despite my initial fight, I had to admit my life as a trainee teacher and classroom assistant in a busy local high school just wasn’t viable.  I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Arthritis in my hips.
For someone as active as me, this was a massive blow.  The transition period from diagnosis to acceptance was one of the hardest journeys of my life.  I had been a Customer Service Manager in a local council, had two children, and finally decided to take the plunge and train to be a teacher.  Something I had wanted for a long time.  For three years it was perfect.  Then I got ill.
I became a GP-fly – similar to a bar-fly but without the alcohol and friendly banter! I spent more than half my life in waiting rooms, consulting rooms and testing rooms, it was pretty grim.
It took the best part of 4 years to find my new place in this world.  I flounder, went under, almost drowned, and finally started to tread water.  Slowly I realised I had two choices, give in or fight, and ask anyone that knows me, I am no quitter.  So I chose to fight.
Caragh, my leading lady in The Spirit of Christmas Past, faces a massive change to her life due to a life altering accident. Whilst I am blessed to have not faced such a massive adversity, my own struggle enabled me to get inside her head and bring her to life as she learnt how to live again. I remember wanting to give up, I remember wanting to close my eyes and make it all go away.  I remember begging to wake up and discover it had just been a bad dream.
It was important to me that she regained her independence, whilst acknowledging her own demons and difficulty moving on.  When I got ill, I entered a world I had been completely unaware of. A world I would have probably had very little interest or sympathy for.  Hundreds of people, with chronic illness, fighting to make a life for themselves. Despite media portrayal not all chronically ill people want to watch daytime television and moan about their lives.  In fact, most fight daily to create a new life for themselves, adapting to their new limitations.
I would love to think that Caragh’s struggle gives hope and strength to at least one person who has found their world turned upside down due to health issues beyond their control.

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