On tour – Day 2

This week I will be a guest blogger on 5 total amazing blogs (one can only hope to be so good!)

Today you can find me at Outrageous discussing spirit guides:


and I would like to thank them for hosting me!

Do pop over and have a read of the full post – AND be in for a chance to win a copy of  The Spirit of Seven!

An excerpt from the blog is below!


The subject of spirit guides, and what happens to people once they leave this life, has always fascinated me, which is probably the main reason I decided to feature them in my Spirit of Series.
It is an area that creates some very black and white views, with some people believing there is simply no such thing as ghosts, and others maintaining they are very real and offering some credible stories of their own experiences. 
I would love to think that there were people out there, who have passed on from this world, but before reaching their final resting place want to help others who are struggling.  
When I worked on the idea of having spirit guides in my book, I wanted to have a few rules’ of my own.  Obviously it was imperative that no one else could see or interact with them.  When the story begins it could be one of a few people, however as time progresses the interaction with the main characters become perhaps more obviously limited to them alone.  I felt it was also important that, having faced and to an extent still facing adversity the main characters would be unaware that their new friend’ was actually a spirit. 
The spirit guide was not just a random soul wandering the worlds between, my spirit guides are always related in some way to another character, and of course they are the reason the spirit wants to intervene and help.  Spirit guides cannot appear to those they knew when they were alive, so have to assist their relatives by aiding indirectly, befriending someone pivotal to their lives. 
It was important to the characters that they found a reliable friend who was always in their corner.  Although it is a source of distress when the truth is initially revealed the spirit has of course made sure life is in place to take over.  Happiness is lurking just around the corner, although maybe not always evident.  
Once the initial shock of having been in such a close friendship with someone who is essentially not real, Caragh realises of course, that it was exactly what she needed at that time in her life, and will forever be grateful.  Her spirit guide really did become her Spirit of Christmas Past.
This is of course, true escapism as for now, and maybe forever,  we cannot prove the existence of such wonderful friends but we can live in hope that when we need it most, someone will come to our aid!

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