Turn to page 69?

So lately I have seen a number of blogs describing Marshall McLuhan’s suggestion for readers choosing new novels. This was actually a suggestion he made many years ago – but it has gained favour again lately.

One such example is detailed here.

The idea is simple.  When looking for a new book to read, turn to page 69 and read it.  If you like the contents of the page you will more than likely enjoy the whole book.

It is an interesting premise, and authors have obviously exercised their write to reply.

From my point of view, page 69 of The Spirit of Christmas is neither brilliant nor dire.  So with that in mind, here it is!  If you like it why not follow the link to Amazon where you can grab the whole book, either as a paperback or a digital download.  Currently, it is rated 5 stars by 4 different kind reviewers – not bad as it only came out earlier this month (December 2015) – anyway I will leave it to you to decide!

The Spirit of Christmas – Anna Everett – Page 69

She knew her nurse was right of course. A one in a million accident was not about to happen again, although she was not sure she could ever get on the subway again. They had made plans to use taxis and walk because of this, and it was another reason why Elspeth had insisted on the chair coming too.

“I guess I do want to look my best and not be a complete state when we find him” Caragh had said enthusiastically.

Elspeth had smiled at her patient but inside she felt so sad for her friend. The reality that Caragh was clinging to was so unlikely now. She wondered if much of what she said was just for appearances, surely by now it must have crossed her mind that it was so unlikely.

It had of course crossed Caragh’s mind, and seeing the sheer volume of people in New York her heart sank a little. How on earth were they going to find him.

The hotel was quite a stark contrast to her last stay. There was nothing wrong with it, it was clean and tidy but there was no trace of opulence and luxury, it was homely and inviting though, she did feel safe here.

It was late by the time they were checked in and settled, and despite her desire to be out hunting, realising how tired she really was, she capitulated to her older friend and carer, and agreed they would instead spend the evening pouring over maps and making a plan.


Anna Everett
Author, Writer & Motivational Speaker

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