It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

No, I haven’t gone completely mad or lost track of my days.

I actually think January really is the most wonderful time of the year.

January is full of promise and opportunity.  Whilst in actual fact the new year rolls in just as any day does, we use the beginning of a new year to make resolutions, plan grand schemes and generally create new dreams.

I don’t make resolutions because the chances are I won’t still to them.  Instead I create a list of goals, things I would like to be able to tick off throughout the year.  Last year there was over 25 goals on my list, some pretty big ones, like publishing my first book (I actually published 4) and some smaller ones like try soap making and henna tattooing (I tried them both, fun though they are, they are not for me)

There are 11 things on the list so far.  Should I wish to add something I will, it is a fluid, evolutionary list.  Not rigid and static.

Last year just 3 goals remained unachieved, and this I realised throughout the 12 months of 2015 was largely because – I wasn’t ready yet.  2 of them I believe will come to fruition this year, and 1 – well that may actually linger there for a couple more years – It requires me to be ready.

Towards the middle to end of January, my new book – Dreams to Destiny – 365 tasks for success will be released.  I have picked then, as for many, this is the time when the rash and overly demanding resolutions start to waiver.  This book will help  you learn to evolve.  Over 365 articles I will be sharing with you all the tips and tricks I have learnt that allowed me to stop lurching from one crazy plan to another with little success, but instead taught me how to take my crazy plans and actually make them a reality.

So, for me January really is the most wonderful time of the year.  Enjoy it, play with it – and over all live laugh and love!







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